Reaching out to the world with God's amazing grace

1000 Prayer Partners Initiative

The strongest resource available to IBM is its prayer partners.  You make the difference in the lives of countless people in the Democratic Republic of Congo and around the world.  Your faithful prayers are felt each day that peace prevails in the DRC.  Lives are touched, spirits are lifted and souls are being healed.  Because of your prayers, the region around Kitindi has seen an unprecedented season of peace.  Please continue to serve IBM, and the people of the DRC, as a prayer warrior.  Through YOU, the kingdom of God advances in Central Africa. 
Our challenge to each of you is to make a statement of faith and join IBM as a prayer partner.  We ask that you regularly pray specifically for the ministry of IBM, the people of Africa, the people of Bukavu, the people of Kitindi, Rev. Kizombo & Wababili serving in the DRC, Pastor Kizombo leading the ministry from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and for the health and safety of all involved in IBM's ministry.

Are you ready to accept the challenge?  After prayer consideration, simply fill in the form below and submit it to IBM to become one of our 100 Prayer Partners.