Reaching out to the world with God's amazing grace

There is a lack of internal (in-country funds) to educate and train lay Christian leaders, pastors and children, and help villagers break the cycle of poverty and hunger.  You can be a part of the changes happening in the DRC and Kitindi.

Proposed Projects

Phase 1 - The Kitindi Christian Leadership & Pastoral Training Center’s building designed to train up to 12 individuals at a time will consist of:

• A learning center area

• A dormitory style room with sleeping accommodations for 12

• A kitchen, dining area, living room area and a study/library

• Three bedrooms—one for director and two for visiting professors

• Bathrooms

Phase 2 - Additional classrooms for Union Academique de Kitindi. Additional classrooms and furnishings for the school will consist of:

• Building 10 additional classrooms

• Furnishing classrooms/students with academic materials

• Building a Library

• Building a School Office

Phase 3 - The building of playing fields—Volley-Ball, Soccer, and Basketball. All the material for these buildings (other than bricks which will be fabricated on site and some of the lumber) must be carried in from Bukavu—on foot—by porters, a trip that takes upwards of 24 hours.

• Development of farming and animal husbandry programs will use curriculum and training from ministries such as Agricultural Missions and other entities such as Samaritan’s Purse.

• Small herds of goats and lambs will be provided as well as flocks of chickens.

• Materials for building enclosures for the animals will also be provided.

• All labor will be local. Supervision of the building of the CLPTC will be provided by Rev. Kalumbula. For the School, supervision will be provided by the School’s Headmaster

Phase 4 - Expansion for more housing and classrooms