Reaching out to the world with God's amazing grace
Rev. Kizombo greets the future of the DRC; young men and women who will become the next generation of leaders.  Join with IBM in whatever way is best for you:
You can make a difference in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Vision Statement

Passing down a Godly legacy to the next generation. 

This statement encompasses the focus of International Berean Ministries (IBM).  Rev. Kizombo Kalumbula, Sr., field director in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), has a passion for the people of the DRC – and for the world as well!  By teaching the basic skills of reading and writing within a loving and Christ-like atmosphere, IBM sets the ground work for legacy building.  As one learns and then teaches two or three, and each of these teach two or three, the disease of ignorance is destroyed.  Add to that the learning of specific trade skills, and the disease of poverty is also destroyed.  Rev. Kizombo is a church planter building the foundation for a strong church within the DRC.  Training and mentoring young Christian men, through discipleship, to become the spiritual leaders of their communities will pass the gospel legacy to the next generations.

Passing down this Godly legacy involves threes primary areas of focus: Education, Discipleship, and Leadership

Education is the process of developing knowledge or skill.  Teaching someone the skill of turning raw materials into useful structures provides a lifelong ability that can be passed down through multiple generations.  Learning a skill provides housing for families and their livestock, basic necessities like furniture and storage compartments, and, even more than tangible things, it provides a sense of self-worth and the pride that comes from personal accomplishment.   

Masonry and construction skills change the face of the village.  Walls and roofs provide a safer and cleaner environment to raise a family.  These skills also provide better surroundings for learning.  Students no longer have to sit on roots and stumps to learn.  Benches, desks and solid structures allow for everyone to focus on their education.

Learning to raise and care for crops and livestock creates a sustainable supply of food for consumption, as well as selling, or bartering, for other goods and services within the community.

Discipleship is the first step on the journey to leadership. The path to leadership begins with a good relationship between the mentor and his student.  Growth, maturity and character are built when a Godly attitude is instilled within the hearts of people.  As IBM staff members mentor village leaders, those who are willing to take on the responsibility of training others, a long enduring change takes place – a Godly legacy for generations to come. 

Discipleship is the first step on the journey to leadership.

“And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others” (II Timothy 2:2 TNIV).

International Berean Ministries is all about people.  Bringing the love of Jesus to a nation ravaged by war and destruction, IBM reaches out to the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo with God’s amazing grace.  Building strong relationships, based on trust, opens the door to leadership development; men and women will show others what Christianity looks like at a personal level.  Our success will be measured in the faithful men and women who are able to go out and teach others.


It’s amazing what happens to people who are given a chance to rise above their circumstances.  IBM enables individuals and communities to learn, grow and reach higher than they ever thought was possible.  These people go on to become the leaders within their environments.

Leadership is to give direction by going before; to guide and influence; to show the way.  International Berean Ministries is giving direction to the people of the DRC by showing love and grace through God’s calling.  IBM has gained influence with the people of the DRC by building relationships of trust that allow them to guide and encourage.  IBM shows the way by introducing people to Jesus Christ and helping them understand what living a life for Jesus means.

Training the next generation of Godly leaders will plant seeds that will grow and spread throughout the DRC, the African continent and the entire world.  Your support will continue the efforts started by IBM and enrich your lives as you partner with us to pass down a Godly legacy to the next generation!